Men's Printed Shirts

Original printed shirt for men, designed in France and Spain

Our shirts are imagined in the heart of our store ABH collection in JÁVEA/XÀBIA - Costa Blanca.
Forget the notion of seasonality, all our models are timeless.

Why men's printed shirts?

The actual market of man's shirt is confused: lost in their willingness to please everyone, the chains stores from the textile distribution have forgotten their peculiarities.

Unique printed men's shirt?

Against this current, ABH collection offers you its targeted models, with strong personality, its updated mini-series, even its capsule collections, instantly identifiable.

The ABH collection shirts are handcrafted and distinguished by certain finishing details, such as:

  • - 100% natural materials,
  • - Numbered on metallic plate (limited editions)
  • - Straight cut "regular ", ample and comfortable,
  • - Engraved buttons, cross stitching,
  • - Contrast fabric color (depending on the models) inside collar and cuff, - Double needle assembly,
  • - ABH signature embroidery inside front placket and wrist cuffs.

In addition to these bases, the ABH collection is developped in two lines:

  • - ABH Collection JÁVEA
  • - ABH Collection PARIS

What kind of men's shirt?

We offer men's shirts with motifs, fancy shirts, fashion shirts, Regular Fit, Slim Fit, Comfort fit and straight cut.

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Original men's shirts

Fancy men's shirt

Numbered Shirts
  • Numbered Shirts

Small series shirts
  • Small series shirts

Other brands
  • Other brands

Men's printed shirts

Men's patterned shirt

The different series of men's shirts

Find directly below, the different series of men's shirts offered on the site such as, numbered shirts, limited edition, small series and other brands offered.

ABH Collection JÁVEA base
ABH Collection JÁVEA limited edition